Hydrogen (H2) is an alternative fuel that can be produced from domestic resources. Although in its market infancy as a transportation fuel, government and industry are working towards clean, economical, and safe hydrogen production and distribution for use in fuel cell vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles are beginning to enter the consumer market in localized regions domestically and around the world. The market is also developing for buses, material handling equipment, ground support equipment, medium and heavy duty vehicles, and stationary applications.

The interest in hydrogen as an alternative transportation fuel stems from its ability to power fuel cells in zero-emission electric vehicles, its potential for domestic production, and the fuel cell’s potential for high efficiency. In fact, a fuel cell is two to three times more efficient than an internal combustion engine running on gasoline.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Nexus

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Nexus is a free and detailed business-to-business directory to help connect suppliers in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry together to advance the market for these technologies. U.S. Suppliers to the industry can add themselves to this list, and interested folks can gain contact information for the industry from this list.